Syrian migrant gave birth to a healthy baby boy

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Syrian woman that entered the country near Röszke as part of a group of 57 migrants gave birth to healthy baby boy in Szeged clinic.

Police officers spotted a group of people crossing the border near Röszke; the group included Syrian, Sudanese and Afghan citizens. After apprehending the migrants officers noticed that one Syrian woman was pregnant; she was taken to Szeged Border Control Health center for further testing. After a series of tests, she was transported to the Szeged clinic by ambulance where she gave birth to a 3970 gram healthy baby boy reported.

The Hungarian law didn't adopt the territorial convention, but rather the bloodline convention; as a result, the nationality of the baby boy is determined by his parents' nationality. In other words, the baby remains Syrian citizen even if he was born in Hungary.

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Géza said...

Who cares about a third world immigrant that was born in our country? This is how they get control in the West by their whombs!

We are very lucky that the "bloodline convention" is our law and not the "territorial convention".

A foreigner born in Hungary is and will be a foreigner and never becomes a Hungarian, no legal paper can change this fact.

Nationality is never created for foreigners in the first place. This giving any immigrant the nationality of the land is a "American habbit" and this illogical, unnatural and suicidal law is adopted all over Europe.

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