The ongoing mass migration in Europe is only a prelude of what's to come - intelligence agency expert László Földi

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No one knows when will the ongoing mass migration end because it is part of a global power struggle impacting the future of Europe.

In Hungary the left-liberal opposition (the globalist opposition is the right term as these forces represent the interests of multinational corporations and in this context the label “left” is a meaningless term ed.) uses the issue of mass migration to attack and discredit the Fidesz government.

The current migration tide is a humanitarian disaster and a political nightmare; from the intelligence agencies' point of view this is a full blown war, which is not fought by weapons, but other means said the expert.

Europe is under attack no question about that, the continent is struggling to survive. Sadly, despite the existential threat the EU has not developed a unified approach to tackle the migration issue.

A European wide solution is needed in which Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm as well as Sarajevo should also play a role.

Let's consider first the question of why this global war started. It seems to me that multinational corporations (behind the scene forces ed.) violently interfered in several countries around the world causing destruction and anarchy in various regions. All this began with the Arab Spring, which one way or another destroyed functioning state structures literally creating anarchy in several countries in the Arab world. The masses have lost faith in their future and as a result, internal conflicts erupted. Before, simmering conflicts were kept under control by centralized state structures, which the color revolutions destroyed.

As I said before we are witnessing a global power struggle around the world. The Ukrainian conflict is part of this struggle; the ultimate goal is to detach Russia from Europe. This is to prevent Europe from flourishing again - plentiful Russian energy and raw materials wedded with European technology could make Europe grow again, which would rearrange current global power relations around the world.

The ongoing mass migration can be contained but can't be resolved. What we are experiencing today is instability and uncertainty, which will intensify across Europe in the near future; ethnic tensions from Basque country to Transylvania will increase and the unraveling of stable structures across Europe will be unstoppable.

Austria and Germany have already indicated that they return tens of thousands of migrants to Hungary, which is an unmanageable mass of people. They don't care whether we can handle that number of people or not. Such conflicts can be expected to increase all over Europe in the near future.

The effort to help migrants by civil aid organizations deserves respect. But this is used to intensify anti-government propaganda. Behind the scenes forces furiously working on a plan to overthrow the government under the pretext of helping migrants. These people care nothing about the migrants; their only goal is to discredit the government, and manipulate public opinion. The migrants are only tools in the hands of these forces to advance their hidden agenda of overthrowing the current government said intelligence agency expert László Földi.

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