Third-world conditions on the southern border; the influx of migrants took epic proportions – fresh photos taken near Ásotthalom

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his recent speech in Tasnádfürdő that the border fence on the southern border must be completed no later than the end of August.

Globalist forces want to torpedo the construction of the border fence

Globalist tool Ferenc Gyurcsany wrote to the European commissioner in charge of immigration complaining that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán deliberately and systematically blur the line between migrants and refugees and consciously create fear in the general public.

While building of the fence goes ahead as planned, behind the scene forces that wage a war on Europe mobilizing all assets they control to block the construction of the border fence.

Most recently, Professor of the Faculty of Law at ELTE called attention to the fact that the construction of the fence violates several regulations because there was no environmental impact assessment before the construction of the structure started and the government didn't involve the Serbian side in the procedure.

The globalist asset pointed out that the law requires from the contractor to hold public meetings as part of the environmental impact assessment procedure. In addition, the contractor must publish a public hearing notice at least thirty days before the date of the hearing.

Globalist assets working for the cabal 24-hours a day threatened the interior and defense minister with lawsuit indicating that they will ask the court to order both ministries to stop causing damage to the environment.

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