TTIP: The Rape of Europe

Friday, July 3, 2015

More than fifty leading intellectuals signed an open letter calling on the government, the national assembly and Hungarian members of the European parliament (EP) to reject the transatlantic trade agreement (TTIP), which is still under negotiation.

Signatories of the letter expect that the government do all in its power to prevent the implementation of the trade agreement, which wants to deliver the nation states of Europe to the whims of multinational corporations.

The signatories are shocked to see that "the European Commission negotiating a trade agreement with the United States and Canada on behalf of the people of Europe, which violates the European civilization's three fundamental principles - cultural diversity, social justice and democratic constitutional order.

The signatories complain that the trade agreement entitles investors to sue any country that introduces legislation threatening their profitability.

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Géza said...

These people are right and I have respect for them speaking out about this dangerious treaty! Also every politician who doesn't reject TTIP is a traitor very simple!

What people have to understand is that the regime in Washington and the people behind it are one of our worst enemies. The USA is not our ally, it is a scam!

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