West’s ‘Geopolitical Chess Game’ in Ukraine Will End Badly

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kiev authorities are running a ‘puppet regime’, which was established by the West for their goals, ex-employee of the State Department Rodney Martin said.

The unsuccessful attempts to end hostilities in Donbass are the fault of the current Ukrainian government, Martin continued.

“As I have repeatedly pointed out when Russia was surrounded by other nations, it did not result in anything good for them. We are entering a very serious political situation and I think we need a sober mind to engage in dialogue. The separatists are not shelling themselves, as they have no reason to do so,” Martin said.

He also noted that the Kiev government owes billions of dollars to the West and will therefore carry out its instructions. “The first goal of the West was to destroy the Soviet Union, it did. Now its next goal is to split the Russian Federation.”

Speaking about the restoration of peace in Ukraine, Martin noted that the Ukrainian people need to understand the conditions in which they are right now, “people are used as pawns in a geopolitical chess game that cannot end well, as the West will not sacrifice its national heritage and resources.”

According to Martin, the world needs to “stop the economic terrorism” which the West uses in order to achieve its geopolitical and military goals.



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