Ásotthalom buys new patrol car to be more effectively in fight against illegal immigration

Monday, August 17, 2015

Ordinary Hungarians donated HUF 4,434,166 to help the municipality of Ásotthalom buying a new patrol car that will replace the old Lada-Niva that spends more time in car repair shops than in the field chasing migrants and people-smugglers.

Ásotthalom is known to be located near the main route where illegal immigrants pouring into Europe. The municipality employs three civilian guards who work around the clock to stop the tsunami of migrants pouring into the country and the smugglers that aid them; the smugglers try to intimidate the courageous guards as they see they are too few to cope with the chaotic situation on the border – but the civilian guards are not afraid. The municipality doesn't have the money to hire more of them as it receives no financial help from the government.

French patriot groups also collected about HUF 1 million, which will be handed over to the town on August 22 during village day celebration.

The website of the French foundation:

Mayor László Toroczkai announced that the donation drive was over and the municipality buys a new jeep without delay. The phrase “This car was purchased from the generous donations of the people” will be painted on the jeep to remind citizens that the Hungarian people's selfless collaboration was needed to buy the car.

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