Toroczkai: Smugglers invaded Ásotthalom

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai said police do not have the capacity or do not want to defend the people of the municipality from the criminal organizations that are taking advantage of the lawless situation in the region. Ásotthalom has been invaded by foreign and Hungarian criminal organizations to make profit from smuggling migrants across the border and transport them to different destinations across the country by using mafia tactics.

The mayor personally witnessed a case when a field guard intercepted a car with an Italian license plate with three migrants inside. Police officers instructed the civilian guard by phone to let the smugglers go.

Toroczkai calls for an immediate investigation in the case. He wrote a letter to the minister of interior and the national police chief asking them to investigate the case.

"Human traffickers, and criminal gangs invaded our municipality and conduct their business twenty-four hours a day. If some days one goes out after dark to Ásotthalom gas station he sees such menacing characters that he gets scared. Last night when I called police myself, I was told that they simply do not have enough manpower to respond," said the mayor.

Police reacted to Toroczkai remarks by saying that in that particular case, police officers asked the Afghan migrants sitting inside the vehicle what they were doing in the car; they told officers that they were hitchhikers and the owner of the car did not accept money for the ride. According to police, the officers had no choice but let the car go because without evidence criminal proceedings can't be conducted against anyone.

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