Boglárka Kapás wins bronze medal in women's 1500m freestyle in Kazan

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MTI Photo: Kovács Anikó

Boglárka Kapás wins bronze medal in 15:47.09 breaking her Hungarian record of 16:02.58 in women's 1500m freestyle in Kazan.

Photo: AFP

"It's unbelievable ... I swam as fast as I could; I felt I was in the third or fourth place because I saw that others still swimming behind me. During the last fifty meters I was hurting badly. I also saw that Lotte has slowed down completely, and she saw me coming, I think the chaser is in much better position than the one who is chased." said Boglárka Kapás to the media when the event was over.

Photo: AFP

WOMEN'S 1,500 meters freestyle
1. Katie Ledecky (USA) 15: 25.48 - new world record
2. Lauren Boyle (New Zealand) 15: 40.14
3. BOGLÁRKA Kapás (Hungary) 15: 47.09

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