Budapest city designates transit zones for migrants

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Budapest city designates several transit zones to migrants in Budapest, where the most basic public health and hygiene necessities will be provided to the newcomers said the head of the Metropolitan Police Directorate of Local Government in Budapest on Wednesday.

So far four such zones have been designated in various parts of the city for migrants; these include:

1. Eastern Railway Station
2. Baross square underpass
3. Western Railway Station
4. Southern Railway Station and related public areas.

The public zones wiil function as temporary gathering spots for migrants before being transported to reception centers across the country.

According to the plan, employees of civilian aid agencies will be in close contact with migrants providing them information on health-care related and travel related issues. The transit areas will provide migrants with ​​water supply facilities, shower opportunities and portable toilets.

City officials advise migrants not to use local public transport because in case they travel without valid ticket and being caught they will be issued with a fine.

Police were asked to increase their presence around the designated areas to prevent violence and to monitor aggressive, extremist behavior among migrants.

The Jobbik party issued a statement vigorously rejecting the plan voicing security and health concerns.

According to the opposition party Regional Director for Budapest János Stummer, the plan shows shocking irresponsibility on the part of the city because the project will conserve the already worsening public security and public health problems in those parts of the city that the migrants have already taken over.

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