Dutch national dies at Ozora psychedelic music festival due to cardiac arrest

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A man has died at OZORA psychedelic music festival on Thursday reported According to the report, the deceased is a Dutch national over the age of 50; apparently, he died of cardiac arrest.

It is rumored that the man used drugs, but police denied the suggestion. Fejér County Police Department press-release confirmed the report but police don't suspect any wrongdoing regarding the death.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the death as part of the administrative procedure.

UPDATE has learned that the forty-six-year-old Dutch man became ill and suddenly collapsed on the dance floor. Arriving paramedics tried in vain to resuscitate him.

It was quite shocking to see that people hardly noticed the man collapsing around them said one eyewitness Zsolt Sz. to the news portal, who watched what was happening on the ground.

Paramedics tried to revive the man on the dance floor for a while, then, they put him in the ambulance. After about twenty minutes, one paramedics got out of the vehicle and said unfortunately, the man has died.

I saw a young girl who was with him, she was also put in the front seat of the ambulance, I think she was given some sedative said Zsolt Sz., who thinks that conditions at the festival site are very bad due to the unbearable, nearly 40-degree heat and shortage of drinking water.

According to information obtained by, the cause of the death was diagnosed as epileptic seizure. –

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today05 said...

such a bag of bull***, everybody on the whole dancefloor was standing still and quiet as long as the paramedics left, even the dj held back the tempo and volume of the music a little bit, that is enough for nobody noticing

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this report is not telling the truth! Maybe upon wrong information.

Everyone arround that man noticed him collapsing. First just one paramedics came followed long time after by a second which i alarmed. Untill finally two more came arround ten min. later. It took about 25min. untill the rescue car made it to the dancefloor. It seemd as if the whole paramedics crew were totally overcharged with the task. Fellow dancers helped even giving injetcitons. A very very poor sight to see for a otherwise well organised festival.

My thoughts with family and friends of this man!!!

Mike Graham said...

Absolute nonsense. I have been to Ozora 3 times and there has NEVER been a problem with water. Now there are many many more places to get drinking wate and you are never more than a few metres away from some kind soul who will offer you a drink or pray you to cool you down.
The continuing pathetic propaganda to rubbish the good vibe of Ozora is a typical sign of the weakness and fear of the narrow minded.

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