Hysterical Romanian officials stormed out of the opening ceremony of Nyárádszereda City Days event because Székely and Hungarian flags have been displayed

Saturday, August 1, 2015

An unexpected incident interrupted the opening ceremony of Nyárádszereda City Days event on Friday: Hysterical Romanian officials stormed out of the opening event due to the presence of Székely and Hungarian flags in the building.

The two invited Romanian county officials complained that alongside the Romanian and European Union flags the Hungarian and the Székely flags were also displayed. Nyárádszereda Mayor Sádor Tóth told the Romanian dignitaries that the Hungarian flag was displayed because a Hungarian sister city delegation was also attending the opening ceremony.

The two bureaucrats then told the mayor to choose between them and the flags - either remove the Hungarian flag or they leave the ceremony. When the mayor clearly stated that the flag will stay, the Romanian officials stormed out of the building and left the location; those attended the opening ceremony applauded the mayor's decision so expressing their opinion on the issue.

The mayor said the hysterical the bureaucrats' attitude was childish and ridiculous in the same time. It is ridiculous that by using the flag issue as a pretext these people try to manipulate public opinion said the mayor. The removal of the Hungarian flag would have been a breach of diplomatic protocol, an insult of Hungarian guests.

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