Jobbik demands the suspension of migrant registration

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jobbik called on the government to terminate the Dublin III convention and put an end to the registration of illegal immigrants. "Otherwise, Hungary can't be saved," said Jobbik spokesman Adam Mirkóczki on Monday's press conference. The Jobbik politician pointed out that on Sunday for the first time ever more than two thousand illegal immigrants crossed the border.

The Jobbik party has three important propositions regarding illegal immigration: 1. allow police to turn migrants back from the border if they caught crossing it illegally, 2. make refugee camps closed and 3. reestablish the national security agency that performs border control.

Due to cultural differences, this mass of people can never be integrated in Hungarian society; in addition, migrants pose public security, and public health concerns, as well as create tension in Hungarian society said Mirkóczki adding that Hungary has all the moral basis to refuse registering migrants and to terminate the Dublin III agreement.

Hungary didn't bomb the Middle East or North Africa; neither it instigated color revolutions or colonized those countries where the migrants are coming from; therefore, it is not Hungary's responsibility to deal with these people said the Jobbik politician.

The border fence is only a partial solution to the problem; the key to solve the problem is not to register illegal immigrants reiterated Mirkócki.

This is the time for the government to show just how serious about saving the country.

The Jobbik spokesman pointed out that by refusing to register migrants the government can force Brussels to allow EU member states to decide how they want to defend themselves from migrants.

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Anonymous said...

Too late...
25 years of screw-ups.
Reaping the well sown seeds of stupidity.

You don't know how many I was against, ranting and raving to anybody who would listen.
I endured insults and being called stupid and condescending remarks: "you don't understand". Yah, I understood, and was not stupid either, as time has already proved.

It sickens me to have been right about them...

Yah I'll commit the self serving narcissism's ultimate sin pounding my chest:
I was indeed right - a nobody, who at that time was living outside of HU, - and you effing stupid morons in high positions were spectacularly stupid (thieving) dumb bastards bringing my birth and homeland to ruin (with the open or tacit approval of the stupid natives - I should add)

F - you all mofkers.

BTW I can leave HU b/c I have dual citizenship to go to any continent. I have a bug-out venue. Do you?

Anonymous said...

"BTW I can leave HU b/c I have dual citizenship to go to any continent. I have a bug-out venue. Do you?"

I am guessing the other one is Israel? Good riddance, moron.

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