Jobbik President Gábor Vona: The biggest migration wave is yet to come

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Those who believe that the flood of migrants into Europe has already peaked are dreaming.

We know what happened / happening in Macedonia; it could be clear even to the most naive people that those chaotic events have the potential to reappear very soon on our borders. The next phase of migration wave is upon us, which will be even bigger and more dangerous than the previous ones.

Migrants in the future will be angrier, and more frustrated. I suspect that by the time the border fence is completely built, it will have only heritage value - it won't stop anyone from entering the country.

It is also important to know that very soon millions of Africans will arrive in Europe, which will be the final blow to the continent and to our country if we do not protect ourselves. It is no use to wait for a common European solution, because there won't be any or if they come up with something that will be too little too late.

The bottom line is: Hungary must defend itself. We are in an extraordinary situation, and we must ignore Brussels! Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary measures.

Fidesz convened the parliament on September 3 where Jobbik will submit its proposals. But in the meantime, our activists will be present in the border region - Ásotthalom, Szeged, Martonfa - in every place where we are needed write Jobbik President Gábor Vona on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Jobbik vice-Presiden János Volner announced on Monday's press-conference in Budapest that the Jobbik party examining the possibility of deploying the armed forces in the southern border region.

Jobbik believes that the deployment of the army will be necessary as migrants "becoming increasingly violent" and police won't be able to handle the situation.

Volner cited as an example the violent incidents took place on the Greek-Macedonian border a few days ago – migrants overpowered Macedonian police and entered into the country forcefully. We wouldn't like to experience similar incidents to take place on the Hungarian - Serbian border said Volner.

The Jobbik politician remarked that the Basic Law allows the deployment of the army in emergency situation, for instance to protect the country's territorial integrity.

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Anonymous said...

Yes ojr, but it seems like you don't understand the tactics he has foreseen that the increasingly corrupted world could benefit from. Jobbik is very wise.

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