Migrants cut through the border fence near Ásotthalom

Friday, August 7, 2015

According to information obtained by eighteen illegal immigrants crossed the border near Ásotthalom by cutting through the border fence - police caught them all.

The details of the incident are fuzzy. There is no report what happened to the migrants, how they entered the country and what tools they used to cut the razor wire.

This incident is probably a demonstration on the part of those forces that run illegal immigration worldwide to tell the government that the fence won't stop their project - flooding Europe with third world migrants.

In the meantime, fifth column activists and the anti-Hungarian mainstream media controlled by the very same forces that run illegal immigration attacking the government for not providing adequate conditions for migrants in refugee camps; they disseminate lies about the conditions of refugee centers and picture migrants as poor and destitute individuals that need help; but the truth is that most of them have lots of money, they don't accept free meal they are offered by fifth column agents masquerading as aid workers.

More details later!

Police are investigating the damaging of the barbed wire fence near Ásotthalom said Csongrád County Police spokesman to MTI on Friday.

According to the spokesman, on Friday in the early hours police patrol units noticed that unknown perpetrators vandalized the security fence at one spot in the outskirts of Ásotthalom. The amount of damage caused by the perpetrators close to HUF 2,000.

Nearby, 18 Afghan migrants have been captured by police officers. Police investigating whether these people have anything to do with the damaging of the security fence said the spokesman.

Fidesz floor leader Antal Rogan reacted to the damaging of the border fence announcing that his party will submit a bill in parliament in September making the vandalization of the security fence a criminal offense.



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