Migrants protesting at Eastern Railway Station to put pressure on the government to let them go to Germany

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Migrants staged a protest at Eastern Railway Station demanding from the government to let them go to Germany. The Eastern Railway Station closed down for everybody except those carry Hungarian documents. A substantial part of the underpass leading to the railway station, which is part of the Transit Zone is also closed down.

The migrants shouting slogans in English like "Germany yes, Hungary no".

There are about 50-70 people, who are continually protesting. The crowd occasionally swells to 250 people. The big majority of migrants, who are presently staying in the area – currently about 1,000 - only watching what's happening.

(Note: Thinking logically by assessing the known facts about mass migration run by behind the scenes forces it is not completely out of the question that the protest has been organized by agents of the Hungarian secret service infiltrated into the migrant population. This way the government can demonstrate to its western partners that it tried its best to stop migrants from travelling to western Europe.)

In the meantime, the ministry of interior issued a statement warning migrants that they can travel to Germany only with valid travel documents and valid visa.

The statement says: Permit issued to a migrant allows him to temporarily stay in Hungary but it does not authorize the holder of the document to leave the territory of Hungary and travel to other Member States of the European Union.

(Note: This is a speculation but a logical one; the motivation behind this tough measure by the government might aim to spread the news among migrants who are still waiting in Serbia and Macedonia to cross into Hungary - it is better if you look for another route to get into western Europe because Hungary won't let you go. The government might think that by taking a tough stance on the issue eventually convince migrants that it is better to find new routes to travel to their preferred destinations.)

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