Russia gets rid of foreign propaganda materials

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Russia started removing liberal propaganda materials from school libraries. All pseudo-scientific publications circulating by the Soros Foundation will be removed from school libraries. regional news portal published a document issued by the ministry of education ordering the leaders of Sverdlovsk and school principals of the region to remove all books published by George Soros's Open Society Foundation from libraries.

The document instructs heads of educational institutions and local government leaders to take stock of all publications and other propaganda materials, especially those published by the Soros Foundation and edited by Antony Beevor and John Keegan and remove them from libraries.

The document has been signed by Deputy Minister of Education Nina Zuravleva. The document argues that the removal of these books from libraries are justified because they are pseudo-scientific propaganda materials using methods and stereotypes developed by the Nazis during the Third Reich to deliberately distort people's view of society.

Furthermore, the books published by the Soros Foundation disseminate Nazi ideology; these materials insinuating that pseudo-scientific ideas and liberal dogmas are superior to any other approach to life and as such, they are the only proper way of interpreting global issues in the twenty-first century.

In addition, the propaganda materials seriously subvert the image of the Great Patriotic War, and distort the idea of nationhood perceived by Russian youth conclude the document.

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