Secret Service Expert László Földi: The worldwide migration is part of an ongoing war

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Illegal immigrants are mostly young men, well-dressed, own expensive cell phones and carry lots of money. Right now, no one(?) can answer what organizations support these people.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that illegal immigration is not only a refugee issue but part of an ongoing war impacting the entire world said Secret Service Expert László Földi.

The fact that migrants are very well informed clearly indicates the existence of a functioning worldwide communication network behind them.

"We are facing a meticulously planned and structured system, in which every asset plays its appointed role," said Földi.

The migrants are coached no doubt about that. The expert added that the migrants have lots of money, which cast doubt on the claim that these people are poor refugees.

According to Földi, there are immense forces behind the worldwide immigration wave.

"Organizing such a worldwide project can't be a problem for those forces, after all they are trained to perform logistical duties on the global scale; these forces are capable of waging wars by using traditional military means and other means like moving masses of people around the globe."

All this is of course, not organized out of Congo or other poor African countries added the Hungarian expert suggestively.

Földi believes that the secret services of the European countries are perfectly aware what's going on behind the scenes, but there are many obstacles to overcome the challenges.

The expert drew attention to the fact that after the completion of the border fence the Hungarian secret service must infiltrate into the system (if not already) in order to successfully combat illegal immigration targeting our country - even use force if needs be.

Földi also remarked that the Arab countries are not united on the issue of mass migration and because of that, it is difficult to find reliable allies in the region. In addition, the countries of Europe have different attitudes toward immigration, which pose major difficulties to come up with a European-wide common solution concluded his remarks on illegal immigration Secret Service Expert László Földi.

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fabiola said...

The discussion among the three men concerns the Great European Migration Crisis — its origins, causes, and intended effects

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The discussion among the three men concerns the Great European Migration Crisis — its origins, causes, and intended effects mobdro apk

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