The construction of the border fence had no impact on Fidesz's popularity

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fidesz continues to be the most popular party among voters, Jobbik is in the second place according to a new survey by Publicus Institute.

Fidesz continues to lead by 22% support being the most popular party among voters; followed by Jobbik with 13% support and the globalist Socialists with 10% support.

The support of fringe parties is below the 5% threshold limit, which is necessary to win a seat in parliament.

The survey also found that the only change in this month's survey compared to the previous ones is drop in undecided voters. The government's announcement to construct a fence on the Hungarian – Serbian border to slow the influx of illegal immigrants into the country had no impact on the Fidesz party's popularity - Fidesz support remained unchanged compared to the previous months.

The poll is based on telephone interviews conducted the last month with 1,000 adults throughout Hungary.

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