The first wave of migrants that broke through police lines on the Macedonian - Greece border reached the Hungarian border

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The number of migrants crossing the Hungarian – Serbian border near Röszke is skyrocketing, which is due to the arrival of the first wave of migrants that entered Macedonia a few days ago by breaking through police lines.

According to news reports, police try to escort the migrants to collection centers and transport them to the hangars of Röszke.

The situation however, is getting increasingly difficult as handling such a large mass of people requires strategic skills write

According to the news portal, on Tuesday, 1,500 migrants crossed the border just near Röszke, and more people are expected to enter into the country during the night.

This is the first wave of migrants that last week broke through the Macedonian - Greek border and now reached the Hungarian border on their way to western Europe and more are on the way.

Police and civil guards, working around the clock to stop the flood of migrants and divert them toward collection centers; but hundreds of people-smugglers are also stationing in the area ready to transport the migrants to western Europe. Everyone wants a piece from the booming people-smuggling business. Police and civil guards are expecting a busy night, and the pressure is not expected to let up for Wednesday either write

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Anonymous said...

Didint FIDESZ say they will charge every one who passes the border illegaly?

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