The government plans to build two new refugee camps in Baranya and Zala counties

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Photo: MTI

The government has decided to build two new refugee camps in the south-western corner of the country, in a sparsely populated area, far away from the capital and other big cities.

The priority status project can go ahead as planned without obtaining the usual construction permits otherwise necessary to build such structures.

The remote location of the two planned refugee camps seems to be ideal for housing migrants. The peaceful natural setting provides excellent opportunity for individuals to advance their spiritual evolution, pray and contemplate about their future prospects in life.

Photo: MTI

Martonfa and Sormás - two villages located near the planned migrant centers - opposing the idea of establishing such facilities in the area.

The Mayor of the village of Martonfa, which has about 228 residents, András Bosnyák has already launched a strong protest with the government against the planned facility.

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