The government sends thousands of police officers to the Hungarian – Serbian border

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thousands of police officers will be deployed on the Hungarian – Serbian border to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into the country announced the head of the Prime Minister's Office János Lázár on Tuesday.

The government will ask the Fidesz and the Christian Democratic faction to take the initiative and convene an extraordinary session of parliament to amend the Criminal Code on illegal immigration said Lázár, adding that stricter penalties for illegal border crossings as well as human trafficking must be included in the Criminal Code.

Transport of illegal immigrants could be also a criminal offense said the spokesman of the National Police Headquarters (NPH).

While taxi drivers have no rights to check the papers of potential passengers, they can ask customers whether they stay legally in the country. If the passenger refuses to answer the question, the taxi driver is not required to take him/her for the ride - read the National Police Headquarters statement.

There are other signs that may indicate that customers illegally stay in the country; for instance, when a cab is called to the border area with no specific address given the probability is very high that the caller is illegally entered the country read the statement.

Jobbik party spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki issued a statement calling the government's decision to deploy thousands of police officers in the border region is a bluff. This is not the answer to stop migrants; instead, the government must reinstate the national security agency that main task was to perform border control before it was disbanded due to EU regulations.

Jobbik endorses the tightening of the criminal code, however, it won't be enough to stop the flood of migrants; the only solution to this problem would be to turn them back right from the border to the country from which they entered Hungary.

Furthermore, Mirkóczki reiterated that the border fence wasn't effective enough therefore, the termination of the Dublin Convention was inevitable.

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