The Hungarian government plans to launch billboard campaign in Syria and Afghanistan

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Hungarian government plans to launch an information campaign in Asia and the Middle East informing the population of the region of the major difficulties they will face on the Hungarian - Serbian border if try to reach western-Europe through Hungary learned

The government plans to inform Afghan and Syrian citizens that there is a border fence on the Hungarian – Serbian border, which makes extremely difficult for migrants to cross the border illegally.

According to the news portal, the first billboards will be put up in Afghanistan and Syria in September in a number of local languages ​​and dialects.

The government has examined what was the most effective way of informing the population of war-torn countries about the obstacles they will face when crossing the border illegally. They found that the Internet, including Facebook is not very effective in this regard, due to the fact that currently only a very small segment of the population have internet access in those countries; because of lack of internet, outdoor advertisements and newspaper ads seem to be the most effective way of reaching the largest possible segment of the population in war-torn countries the study found.

(Note: It seems that the idea to launch an information campaign in countries where most of the migrants are coming from mimics the Canadian government's billboard campaign in Hungary a few years ago. Back then, the Canadian government put up signs in crime infested cities in the Eastern part of the country telling gypsies about the problems they will face if entering Canada – they will be quickly deported. The campaign was highly successful. Since then the influx of gypsies to Canada completely stopped.)

The head of the the Prime Minister Office János Lázár announced today that the information campaign will be launched in three transit countries – Greece, Macedonia and Serbia – rather than in Syria and Afghanistan as it was earlier reported by the media.

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