The influx of refugees creates new jobs

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The ministry of interior on a hiring frenzy to fill 1,357 armed security guards positions and 191 police officers positions learned Armed security guards will patrol refugee camps across the country, as the government fears that the fences around the new camps won't be enough to contain the migrants.

Residents that live in close proximity to the planned refugee camps are protesting against the construction of the camps because they are afraid of the migrants. By hiring armed security guards the government hopes that the measure will calm fears over the camps.

There is a need for at least 1,500 new armed security guards as the existing camps can't accommodate more migrants; the new refugee centers will be closed and will be guarded by armed security personnel carrying live ammunition.

In 2012, 2,157 asylum seekers were registered in Hungary; in 2013, this number reached 18,900; last year 42,777 and the first half of this year 66,788 migrants entered the country illegally. During one weekend in 2015 more migrants entered the country than in the year 2012.

The government has decided to construct three new refugee centers - in Kiskunhalas, Sormás and Mártonfa.

Each new camp can accommodate 500 to 1000 migrants; by opening three new camps the government can double the current capacity of refugee centers.

Foreign agents and fifth column activists are vehemently opposing the construction of new refugee camps; they demand new housing for migrants and the immediately suspension of the construction of the border barrier on the Hungarian – Serbian border; they argue that the structure is inhuman and has the capacity to hurt migrants when crossing the border.

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