Agitated migrants broke through the Röszke border gate

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The crowd that gathered at the Serbian side of the Hungarian border broke through the border gate near Röszke Wednesday afternoon reported the National Police website.

According to the announcement, the crowd became aggressive around 3 pm and started throwing stones, pieces of wood, and bottles at police officers standing on the Hungarian side of the border, then, they broke the lock of the gate.

Police officers however, prevented the enraged migrants from crossing the border by forming a triple line in the place of the destroyed gate.

Earlier the day, police officers had to use tear gas at Horgos - Röszke border crossing when a small group of agitated migrants tried to break through the border gate.

(MTI –

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Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai wrote on Facebook yesterday: Soon after the Ásotthalom border crossing was closed off agent provocateurs arrived to the Serbian side of the border and gave pre-made banners to the migrants and by using loudspeaker they started chanting "we will fight."

The migrants minutes later held up the signs and also chanted the same slogan; then, they pelted police officers with apples - what they received from the liberal activists.

Toroczkai managed to find out that the agent provocateurs are working for liberal international organizations.

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Police using teargas and water cannon against aggressive migrants

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The clashes between police and aggressive migrants started one hour ago and since then Serbian police also arrived to the scene but do noting to prevent migrants from throwing stones and other objects toward Hungarian officers.

The entire Hungarian liberal media rooting for the migrants.

Photo: MTI
Stand off between migrants and police at Röszke border crossing

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Armed migrants (aided by liberal agent provocateurs ed.) broke through the border barrier at Röszke crossing Wednesday afternoon said government spokesman Zoltán Kovács at a press-conference held near the scene.

Hundreds of migrant attacked police officers with sticks, and pipes; they threw stones and water battles toward police officers. In the clashes so far twenty policemen were injured.

As the clashes between police and aggressive migrants aided by liberal agent provocateurs continue one of the founding members of the Gyurcsany gang Ágnes Vadai by spreading disinformation called on police to stop using teargas against children and women.

* * *

Clashes between police and aggressive migrants aided by liberal activists continue – there is no end in sight.

Photos: MTI


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