Anti-Hungarian language law tabled in Romanian Parliament

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

United Romanian Party founder Bogdan Diaconu who is currently an independent member of the Romanian parliament submitted a bill in the legislative body aiming to restrict the use of Hungarian language in Romania.

The bill if passed prohibits Romanian public institutions, and local governments to communicate orally or in writing other than Romanian.

The bill would force public bodies to hold meetings on municipal and county levels exclusively in Romanian.

The adoption of the law would also force officials to display the names of public institutions only in Romanian.

The Romanian MP argues that restricting the use of Hungarian language in ethnic Hungarian populated regions is necessary because the Hungarian minority abused the 2001 language law.

Some communities in Erdély look like foreign regions argued the Romanian politician. The aim is to make sure that Romanians feel at home even in regions where they are a minority argued the MP.

(Note: It is amazing that still there are politicians in Romania that lack the intellectual competence to understand that by banning the Hungarian language won't solve anything, rather, it will raise inter-ethnic tension in Romanian society. Banning the Hungarian language in Erdély will make ethnic Hungarians even more defiant, which creates more tension in Hungarian – Romanian bilateral relation. Tibetan monks hold the view that shortsightedness is the main cause behind all mental disorders. But here is another warning that the Romanian MP should pay attention to - the fundamental truth that summed up in the saying “What goes around comes around” it is just a matter of time. The current migration wave offers a timely example how atrocious actions (the destruction of Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and so on) can create chain reactions in areas couldn't be anticipated even by the perpetrators.)

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