Breaking: Hungarian police forces in the southern districts put on high alert

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Due to Germany's decision to reinstate border inspections, Hungarian police forces in the southern districts put on high alert

M1 TV reported Sunday evening that police forces in the southern districts put on high alert due to German and Austrian measures announced today.

The announcement calls on all police officers stationed at southern police districts to report for duty within two hours reported M1 TV.

Germany temporarily suspended the Schengen agreement and reinstated border inspections.

Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer talked to PM Viktor Orbán by telephone. The German politician stressed that PM Orbán is a key player in solving the crisis. He said: Everyone must wake up because we need PM Viktor Orbán's active participation in finding solution to the crisis. He added that he discussed the unfolding events with the Hungarian prime minister and the dialogue between the two sides will be more intensive in the coming days. (MTI)

The funny thing is that while the Gyurcsany gang and a few other fringe groups, fifth column activists, foreign agents and dupes demonstrated in Budapest promoting illegal immigration and praising Germany's immigration policy the German government suspended the Schengen agreement.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán welcomed German government's decision.

The prime minister said "we understand the German position and we declare our solidarity with the German government's decision."

The prime minister stressed that the temporary reintroduction of border inspections in Germany "is only the first step", since "Europe's borders must be protected in Greece as well," with the active participation of all EU member states. Hungary already made this clear at the last EU interior ministers meeting said Orbán.

According to unconfirmed reports, the mobilization of the police force hasn't been triggered by the German government's decision, but rather reports that more than 11 thousand migrants want to enter illegally into the country from Serbia Sunday night and Monday evening before the new regulations on illegal border crossing go into force on Tuesday. (

(MTI –


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