Buses from Croatia transporting migrants to the Hungarian border near Beremend

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hundreds of migrants arriving from Croatia to the Hungarian border near Beremend.

MTI correspondent saw about ten buses full of migrants getting off the buses. On the Hungarian side of the border about 150-200 policemen and soldiers form a line.

The reporter has seen soldiers with submachine guns, and policemen with shields; several military vehicles are also in the area.

Some of the police officers carry pepper spray and wear helmets write the MTI correspondent.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced today on Kossuth Radio that the construction of the makeshift fence on the Hungarian - Croatian border has started Friday night and will be completed today. The fence will be 41 km long.

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Military vehicles patrolling the Hungarian – Croatian border near Illocska

Migrants streaming into the country from Croatia near Gyékényes

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