Cheering crowd welcomes the first batch of migrants arrived in Austria from Hungary

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More than twenty thousand people took part in a sympathy demonstration near Westbahnhof station in Vienna on Monday evening welcoming the first batch of migrants arrived in Austria from Hungary.

Most of migrants are expected to continue to travel to Munich, Germany, where hundreds of asylum seekers have already arrived on Monday by trains from Hungary.

Only a few migrants applied for asylum in Vienna reported aid organizations from the Austrian capital.

Austrian police said due to the large number of people the full identification of all migrants wasn't possible. British news agency Reuters reported that due to pressure from the large number of "refugees" Austria seems to have given up the attempt to filter the migrants.

More than 3650 "refugees" have arrived on Monday from Hungary to Vienna's Westbahnhof station, but the majority of them have already left for Germany reported Austrian police on Tuesday.

(These are certainly bizarre times we're living in.)

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