Croatian police sending migrants to Hungary

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Croatian immigration system has collapsed. Croatian police sending migrants to Hungary; the Hungarian government declared emergency in Baranya and Somogy counties and starts constructing a barrier on the Hungarian - Croatian border without delay said Foreign Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in Budapest Thursday evening.

Szijjártó pointed out that more than 200 thousand illegal immigrants have arrived in Hungary this year while the country is under constant attack by global forces (and the puppet national politicians that conspire with those forces, like the Austrian chancellor ed.)

The Croatian prime minister slandering the Hungarian government; it would be better not to waste time on these kinds of activities but rather to start preparing the country for the arrival of the migrants. Croatian immigration officials have lost control over the processes of illegal immigration and without registering the migrants they send them to Hungary said Szijjártó.

"We will protect Hungary, and the Schengen zone!" stressed the foreign minister.

He added that the construction of the border fence on the Croatian-Hungarian border starts immediately.

Police rounding up illegal immigrants entered the country from Croatia.
These people will be put on trail and end up with criminal records, which reduces their chances to be accepted anywhere in the European Union as refugees to zero.

Szijjártó informed the Austrian foreign minister about the Hungarian government's intention to build a fence on the Croatian border. The foreign minister will travel to Belgrade on Friday to talk to his Serbian counterpart and the Serbian minister of interior about migration issues as illegal immigration is not an issue between the two countries but an European problem; cooperation between Hungary and Serbia is excellent, and we are trying to meet the challenges together he added.

The foreign minister also said that the Croatian ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry to explain Croatian officials recent remarks on the Hungarian government's handling of the migration crisis.

The Hungarian foreign minister stressed that the era of hypocrisy and double talk must end.

Croatia would like to join the Schengen zone, but this is clearly not the right time for that; lots of work are still needed for Croatia to join, which will take many years said Szijjártó.

The Hungarian foreign minister also said that locals living at the Croatian-Hungarian border zone, told Hungarian officials that the Croatian police diverting migrants to Hungary.

(Notes: It is unfortunate that shortsighted Croatian politicians forgetting the timeless truth: “What goes around comes around” it is just a matter of time.)

* * *

In the meantime, Security Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi announced that more police forces will be deployed in Baranya and Somogy counties to protect the Hungarian - Croatian border.

This decision won't weaken the capabilities of police forces already in the Hungarian - Serbian border area.

* * *

Secretary of State for Culture Péter Hoppál announced Friday morning in Pécs that the construction of the fence at the Hungarian - Croatian border has started in ten locations. First, a makeshift barbed wire fence will be built, after comes the construction of the more permanent four meters high barrier.

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