Former N1 TV employee apologizes for kicking a migrant in a panic situation

Thursday, September 10, 2015

"I sincerely regret what happened. Finally, I was able to collect myself enough and write about what happened. In fact, I am shocked by what I've done and what others are doing to me.

I was videoing the crowd, when hundreds of migrants broke through the police cordon; a migrant rushed toward me and I was scared. I was scared as all those people rushing toward me and the survival instinct kicked in. I haven't seen with a camera in my hand, who is rushing toward me, I just thought that I was attacked and I had to protect myself. It's hard to make good decision at a time when we are in panic situation when hundreds of people rushing toward us. At that moment, I failed. I'm sorry about what happened and as a mother, I especially regret that it was a kid who came into my way, who then, I didn't notice. I panicked and when I see myself in the video footage, it seems that woman wasn't me. I sincerely regret what I've done and I take full responsibility for it.

I'm not a heartless, racist camerawoman who likes hurting kids. I do not deserve the political witch hunt, the smear campaign and the death threats that issued against me. I'm just a woman, and now, an unemployed mother of a small kid, who brought a bad decision in a panic situation. I am truly sorry.”

Petra László

The letter was published on website

( – translated by

This video shows that the man carrying the small kid fell as he tried to free himself from the officer’s grasp. The camerawoman didn't touch him, although the intention was there.


Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

You bitch are simply lying. You must pay for your crime.

Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

They are REFUGEES.

You Hungarians are migrants all over the world, for exemple here in my place.


Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

Ignorant fascist,

I am Basque. Let me be very clear: until you Hungarians don't stop asking money to hold you national public budget, until you don't stop collecting money from us the EU, until you start living on your own work and production, don't tell me again what I can say or not to say regarding Hungary as a European citizen.

Anyway, dear beggar, I was talking about human rights and international right for refugges, not about Hungary. I don't care your country, I only care my money and the human rights.

I hope that you got it, donkey.


HungarianAmbiance said...

How is the independence struggle going? I haven't heard much about that lately. Or did you strike a deal with the Spanish? Everything is quiet on that front.

Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

Ask Órban. He gave the most important Hungary's medal to his friend francoist Aznar, who almost became killed in 1996 by Basque activists.

Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

Is this quietness for you? :

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