Government declared emergency in Csongrád and Bács-Kiskun counties

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A group of migrants damaged the border fence and entered the country illegally. Police captured them all and will be put on trial. (Note: The perpetrators were probably coached and supplied with tools to be able to cut the fence.)

Sign warning migrants of the consequences of illegally crossing the border.

The government closed the Röszke – Horgos border crossing. Migrants are enraged.

Migrants are sleeping at Röszke – Horgos border crossing that has been closed for traffic.

Troops and police officers captured a group of migrants that crossed the border illegally.

Migrants walking on the railway track towards Hungary but the crossing is blocked by a railway carriage.

* * *

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said it was unacceptable that other states send migrants back to Serbia, while they are coming into the country.

"Serbia does not wish to aggravate the refugee crisis, and wants a negotiated solution; it refuses to become a sole victim of the situation" said the foreign minister in Prague on Tuesday - the minister referred to the closure of the Hungarian-Serbian border.

* * *

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, the leader of the most notorious globalist gang in Hungary called Democratic Coalition and some gang members agitate migrants and incite hatred against the Hungarian government near Röszke.

Migrants stuck on the Serbian side of the border holding signs that say 'No Food' The migrants most probably coached and supplied with the signs by those running the show.

Migrants are passing time by playing football near Röszke on the Serbian side of the border.

It seems the cabal mobilize all of its assets in Hungary and the neighboring countries to attack the Hungarian government for closing the border with Serbia. Ferenc Gyurcsany as I already said is on the scene, with other foreign agents and NGOs. They even sent agent provocateurs from Austria to heckle Jobbik MP Z. Kárpát Dániel who held a press-conference near the border. Police taking away one of the Austrian agent provocateurs.

Hungarian government has decided to extend the border barrier into the Romanian stretch of the Hungarian border near Létavértes. The border fence which is already completed on the Hungarian - Serbian border will be extended into "a reasonable distance" to protect the Hungarian border with Romania announced the foreign ministry in Budapest today. (Note: Most probably the Hungarian Intelligence Agency has learned that the perpetrators that run the world wide mass migration want to open a new route through Romania to circumvent the border barrier on the Hungarian - Serbian border)

Border marker on the Hungarian – Romanian border near Létavértes

* * *

Migrants stuck on the other side of the border. Photos: Béli Balázs / Alfahír

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany spotted among the migrants; he tries to stir up anti-Hungarian sentiments among the migrants encouraging them to keep up the pressure on the border guards. He said no one could stop these people.

* * *

Serbian media reporting that all migrant buses have been redirected to the Serbian - Croatian border. According to, more than 20 buses waiting at Presovo station ready to transport thousands of migrants to the Croatian-Serbian border. It is not yet clear who run these buses, the Serbian government or private individuals.

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