Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács: Order has been restored in Röszke

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Order was restored Wednesday evening in Röszke where a group of armed migrants damaged the border barrier and attacked border guards said government spokesman Zoltán Kovács to the media at the scene.

Migrants used children as human shields during clashes, which shows that these people aren't peaceful migrants; these troublemakers pose a great danger and threat to our country.

Hungary has not received any police assistance from the Serbian side for hours. Although the Serbian police force arrived in the evening, their late action needs to be explained said Kovács adding that not everyone believes that it has to play its part in preserving border security.

Security chief adviser to the prime minister György Bakondi said there was a sufficiently large police force at the scene to prevent the escalation of events; agents of the Counter Terrorism Centre were also on the scene.

Twenty-nine migrants intruded into Hungarian territory; all of them apprehended including a suspected terrorist said the chief adviser.

Bakondi stressed that enough police officers will be on duty during the night at Röszke border crossing and the damaged fence will be restored to its original shape.

During the clashes - due to stone throwing and stick fighting - twenty policemen were injured; two of them seriously, three other suffered light injuries but all of them had to be hospitalized.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Victor Orbán announced in an interview with Austrian Die Presse that Hungary will construct border barriers on certain stretches of the Hungarian - Croatian border.

The prime minister added that he has already talked to the interior minister about the plan.

PM Orbán remarked that the real protection however, is not the barrier but the new laws that allow stringent punishment for illegal immigrants.

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