Jobbik, Hungary's second largest party opposes NATO plans to set up a command center in Hungary

Monday, September 21, 2015

Jobbik vigorously opposing NATO plans to set up a command center in Hungary and other Eastern-European countries, and also opposing growing US military presence in the country.

Opposition party spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki issued a statement on Saturday stressing that continued US arms deployment in the region, and permanent military drills do not contribute to the resolution of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict; but exactly the opposite, these actions will lead to its escalation jeopardizing Hungary and other Central European countries' security.

NATO is a defense alliance, but clearly it acts as an aggressor that uses the recently joined countries like Hungary to create a buffer zone between Russia and the west wrote the spokesman.

"If the government of Hungary values the safety of the Hungarian people, it must stop supporting US geopolitical objectives in the region and instead, it should support diplomatic efforts to solve one of the worst conflicts in the region. In the latter case Jobbik will be a constructive partner helping government's efforts to bring about a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian conflict - read the statement.

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