Migrants are charged with violence against law enforcers and illegal border crossing

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The District Prosecutor's Office of Szeged ordered the arrest of eleven violent migrants who took part in clashes at Röszke border crossing on Wednesday afternoon County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Ferenc Szanka said on Saturday.

Six suspects have been taken into custody and five put under house arrest (in their case this means the reception center). The violent migrants are also charged with illegal border crossing.

In one case, the Prosecutor's Office ordered further investigation to collect more evidence to establish criminal charges against the suspect that police charge with more serious offences.

As a result of the clashes at Röszke border crossing Wednesday afternoon police launched criminal proceedings against 18 migrants; charges against three foreign journalists have been dropped.

A group of violent migrants vandalized the gate of Röszke border crossing Wednesday afternoon trying to break into Hungary. The crowd threw stones, pieces of wood, water bottles and other objects toward police who dispersed the crowd by using tear gas and water cannon.

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Anonymous said...

Middle East nations must do more to help their own. That includes Saudi Arabia who has over 600 billion in foreign currency reserves. They are third only behind China and Japan in the money they have have stashed away for a rainy day.

Much of the Middle East's problems stem from Saudi Arabia and almost all of the Islamic fundamentalist problem stems from them and other Gulf countries.

No one in the media of among European governments is saying it, but why are we accepting immigrants when in actuality the countries in the East, which share much more in common with these people are wealthier than our own countries are. Germany isn't as wealthy as it appears on paper, in fact it cost a heck of a lot to live in Germany and survive on a annual median income there. It's even worse in countries like Hungary, Greece, and Croatia which are bearing the brunt of this invasion.

Meanwhile, while we're having to pay for these people and their welfare, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab countries are saving money. They have enough money saved between the gulf Arab states to not only rebuild the entire Middle East, but do it 2 times over.

I'm upset that we must look at these people invading us and feel sorry for them because the media says we must. Those people are not our responsibility and even if we just assume every last one of them are refugees than why didn't they stay in Turkey?

They must not be granted permanent residence in out homelands. That is straight up racism and colonialism. We must call those people and international organizations that want these colonist to live and breed in our countries "racist" because deep in their heart that is what they want. Why should we suffer colonialism and displacement just to allow economic migrants in just because they claim to be refugees?

So while we're helping these social benefit seekers because they claim to be refugees, we ourselves are becoming refugees in our own homelands and one day may face the same or worse than what these so called "refugees" are running from by these same "refugees". In some countries like the UK and France natives there are already refugees in their own cities having too flee neighborhoods where they became a minority and victim of violence and hatred by the new majority immigrant population.

Why isn't China, Japan, or North Korea accepting migrants?

Because the migrants aren't stupid, they know where the benefits are and where they'll get privileges to takeover and treat the natives like crap. That is why they avoid China. It's not because China is a backwater, on the contrary. Chinese cities are far more modern, wealthy looking, and new compared to European cities, even the compared to Western European cities. Most European cities are old and run down, whereas Chinese cities are all new. If you were dropped off in any Chinese city and than dropped off Belgrade, Budapest, or Berlin you would think China was the developed country and European countries were the developing counties.

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