Mohamed Khaled and his fellow migrants are unhappy with their new home in Sweden

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An asylum-seeker who just arrived in Sweden explained to Swedish public television station, what migrants want - they want a "good life."

Swedish Public Service Television, SVT talked to Mohamed Khaled, one of the asylum-seekers who arrived in the country recently. The man and his fellow migrants have been taken to Frederiksberg with a population of 655; the migrants were unhappy with the location because it is not centrally located, so they refused to leave the bus.

According to Khaled they were told that Sweden is a land of freedom but this is a lie. They are looking for a place where they can have a "good life."



Anonymous said...

We'll give him a nice new home here.
In a pine box. six feet under.

Anonymous said...

Do these people want to sleep in my bed as well?, kick me out of my home? where the f!@#$ do these people think they are?

Anonymous said...

These are the people that will steal your kids Christmas presents and destroy them because they find the celebration of Christianity offensive.

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