One-hundred and sixteen Hungarian troops arrived in Erbil, Iraq

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The troops perform "force protection" duties in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. In practice, this means supporting and overseeing the training of Kurdish forces in the region and protecting the military facilities of allied forces.

The troops will also perform various other duties elsewhere in the country – mostly protecting training bases and performing security related activities near Hungarian-owned oil wells.

Six soldiers will also take part in a wide variety of other activities at several Baghdad compounds helping the activities of other allied troops in the region reporting MTI.

The Hungarian parliament approved the Kurdistan mission on April 14, this year. According to the parliamentary decision, Hungary can send up to 150 troops in Iraq to take part in various military actions against the Islamic State terrorist organization.

The approved budget for the mission is approximately HUF 20 billion. The troops' mission in Iraq ends on December 31, 2017, which can be extended by another parliamentary decision.

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We should immediately RECALL them. We have a national emergency.

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