Picture of the day: We Syrian girls…

Friday, September 18, 2015

Translation: We Syrian girls fighting and dying for our country by defending our homeland from the enemy.

We are poor Syrian refugees. We don't want to fight, we want German beer and social welfare.

Photo: Facebook


Gaius Octavius said...

Hungary should not tolerate colonialist. These aren't temporary refugees who will return home once the crisis in their country ends, but are colonist who will stay and reshape Europe demographically.

All of them must be deported. Economically, culturally, demographically, and socially it will be far cheaper ti deport than to keep registering and moving them to camps or other European countries.

The migrants, young and old, Afghan or Syrian must be sent packing only than when they return home can word get out that colonizing Europe isn't a breeze. And maybe duped welfare migrants seeking freebies and privlidges in Northern Europe will realize it's all a lie and turn on their mafia and ISIS human smugglers.

Hungary should have arrested the 40 Croat policemen and train operators who illegally entered Hungary to smuggle migrants. They should be tried in court and a message sent that such a breech of Hungarian law will not be tolerated.

HungarianAmbiance said...

Not an easy thing to do. The EU is controlled by the very same forces that run the migration business. As a member of the EU Hungary can't deport these people because Brussels threatening the government with cutting off transfer payments. For the time being the government has no choice but to play the game even if everybody, except the sleepwalkers knows what would be the right solution.

Anonymous said...

Have some music for tonight

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Sunni Kurd Female Warriors Fighting Obama’s NWO ISIS 2015

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