PM Viktor Orbán visits V4 countries before sealing off the Croatian border sometimes the next week

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Before the scheduled closing of the Hungarian-Croatian border Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visits the Visegrad Group countries to gather support for the plan. Hungarian government officials also visit Croatia to inform Croatian government of the continuing construction of the fence and to obtain support for the initiative.

The prime minister announced his intention to visit the V4 countries at a press-conference held in the Hungarian embassy in Vienna on Friday; he said the visits aimed to inform the leaders of Hungary's allies on the ongoing preparations to seal off the border so that they can get first hand information of what's going on.

PM Orbán said there was an infinite supply of illegal immigrants coming to Europe, but the leaders of the European Union are oblivious of this.

The prime minister also said that Austria backstabbed Hungary in a particularly difficult time but the Hungarian government is willing to forget it. (PM Viktor Orbán recalled that the Austrian chancellor called him a Nazi because he disagreed with the Hungarian government's handling of migration crisis.)

PM Viktor Orbán told his Austrian counterpart that instead of looking for confrontation the two countries should help each other because "in the legal sense both countries are sitting in the same boat", as the migrant situation on the Hungarian-Croatian border is very similar to that of the situation on the Austrian-Hungarian border.

The prime minister remarked that he didn't order the construction of border fences out of joy; but because he had no other choice left as the Austrian chancellor firmly rejected the idea to create a corridor for refugees to Austria.

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