The government has decided to accelerate the construction of the border fence on the entire length of the Hungarian - Croatian border

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Early Monday morning, soldiers and specialists hurried to complete the border fence on the Hungarian - Croatian border. For the time being the fence will be completed on a 41 km section of the border, but latest information indicates that the fence will be extended to cover the entire length of Hungarian - Croatian border.

The Croatian government keeps rounding up migrants at the Sid-Tovarnik Croatian-Serbian border crossing, and transport them to a collection centers. The media are not allowed to get close to the border crossing.

No one really knows when will the migrants be transported to the Hungarian border because Croatian authorities don't inform their Hungarian counterparts of their plans.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian government launched another information campaign in Jordanian and Lebanese newspapers in Arabic and English telling wannabe migrants that crossing the Hungarian border illegally is a serious criminal offense. The ad campaign informs residents not to listen to the people smugglers because Hungary strictly forbids illegal migrants to pass through its territory.

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Anonymous said...

Hungary needs to stop allowing migrants to cross into Austria and onto Germany, Sweden, etc. That is exactly what the EU cronies, especially German elitist want. It's not hurting them, it's hurting the average German. The elites want ethnic-Germans to become displaced. They don't give a damn. That is why Hungary must take a very serious, very strong, very straight forward approach to this crisis, because the EU elite won't solve it or ease it. They want to destroy Europe and Europeans. They tell us about "humanity" and "values" for the poor and oppressed, but what about the humanity and caring for the oppressed Europeans whose voices are ignored by the elite?

And what about the poor oppressed Germans, Swedes, etc, that are minorities and refugees in their own countries and cities?

Hungary must build a strong military, a top notch military like Israel and invest in education and technology. It must also build a strong a Christian country and get serious about tackling the low birth rate. Hungary must form and encourage traditionalist forms of the Christian faith similar to how the US has the Amish or Israel has the Jewish Orthodox communities (just as an example). We need Hungary to have strong communities that can sustain themselves and their faith and way of life without government support, that are reproducing and procreating which in the longer term will have an effect on the national birth rate.

Hungary must get serious and start building it's birth rate, military, education, and industry so that Germany and other countries learn to take it serious just like the entire world takes Israel seriously. The entire world treat Israel, a small little nation as if it's a super power, because it is. It is economic, cultural, religious, military, technological super power.

If Israel fought Germany or any other major EU country it would beat them, because Israel is strong despite it being much smaller. Hungary must learn a thing or two from Israel even if a lot of Hungarians dislike a lot of what they do. Israel shows every small nation how to gain respect, strength, and influence.

Hungary must show Germany that it's stronger than Germany by building a stronger military. And if Hungary can accomplished what Israel has, other countries in Europe would respect and listen to Hungary more than they listen to Germany. Hungary has the intellect and ability to reduce German leadership and control in Europe and take the leader. Size does not matter, it's about how you use your resources and invest in your country.

Hungary can show it's leadership by arresting any further colonizers and sending them home and showing Germany that you won't allow Germany to dictate the borders or migration situation of other European countries. Germany will be upset and Hungary may even be punished with EU sanctions or whatever else (media slander), but it will be the first giant step in Europe of Hungary showing it's a power and that from now on if you want things done in Europe Germany isn't the only voice in Europe.

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