The government will declare state of emergency(?) (válsághelyzet) the next week

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The crisis caused by mass immigration prompted the interior ministry to advise the government to declare state of emergency(?) (válsághelyzet) at Tuesday's cabinet meeting said János Lázár at Thursday's press conference in Budapest.

The head of the Prime Minister's office also remarked that the cabinet dropped the idea to set up open Transit Zones on the Hungarian - Serbian border.

Lázár announced that instead, the government plans to expand the capacity of the already functioning reception centers in the next two weeks where migrants can be safely housed.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had instructed Interior Minister Sándor Pintér to propose the setting up of at least 2-3 additional reception centers.

The head of the Prime Minister's Office informed the press that this year 176 thousand illegal immigrants have crossed the Hungarian border.

In relation to mass immigration, the national security cabinet receives signals that the activities of organized criminal networks, and possibility of terrorist threat are also growing in Hungary.

Lázár announced that starting September 15 at 0 am a new era begins in Hungary; those who continue to opt for entering the European Union through Hungary, must respect the laws and can do so only through official entry points.

At the border crossings migrants can submit their applications for asylum, which will be assessed no more than 12-14 days - the government also provides legal aid to those chose this option of entering the European Union.


There will be two categories of migrants: those who submit their applications for refugee status - these people will be transported to reception centers across the country, and can freely move in the territory of Hungary; the rest can wait in the border region or in Serbia. Serbia must also play its part of feeding and managing migrants; the government asking aid organizations to help supplying migrants with basic necessities.

Lázár told to the press that the construction of the border fence was sped up and there was a good chance that it would be ready before October 31. He also remarked that the railway track near Röszke on the Hungarian - Serbian border will also be closed.

The head of the Prime Minister's Office remarked that the legislation that will allow the deployment of troops in the border region will be passed at end of September.

Lázár rejected allegations of western powers that the Hungarian government does not treat migrants humanely. He also rejected Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann's criticism of the prime minister and the Hungarian government calling it scandalous.


Regarding Germany, Lázár rejected the commonly held view among the general public that Germany invites migrants because German industry needs cheap slave labor.

Western press attacks on Hungary have to do with Hungary's rejection of the quota system and western machinations to build a huge refugee camp in the country (where western powers can dump and store migrants they don't want ed.)

Regarding the quota system Lázár remarked that the Hungarian government doesn't refuse to debate the initiative but first, all countries must agree on key issues, for example, what is the primary objective of the initiative? - which must be the protection of Eu's borders.


Hungary rejects the dictate of several European powers on the quota system and adhering to the agreement concluded with its Visegrad partners and to the decision of the European Council summit meeting.

Lázár also stressed that the Hungarian government strongly rejects the idea of setting up refugee hot spots in Hungary that would operate under the control of the European Commission. There is no chance that refugee camps like that, which can host hundreds of thousands of migrants can ever be built in the territory of Hungary said János Lázár.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We are toast.
Get out of the country before end of November. (I'm thinking of S. America to go to)

They, the govt (fidesz) are chickenshit, they cannot control it and they do not have the GUTS to do what it takes.

With 1/4 to 1/2 million young aggressive horny, cold and hungry illegal migrant men marauding in the country in December, the police cannot cope, it will be impossible.
Repeat: impossible. By the middle of November 300K looks very real.
Shoot to kill may help, but the police will never be given such powers, the so called "leaders" are chickenshit wimps worried about "image" and politically correct behavior.

The populace has been disarmed - therefore it's unarmed - to defend itself and their homes and families. Guess WHO done the disarming - and why? Also, the policeman will not go and be there to go to work to "save" you, but will stay at home with his loaded gun to guard his own family. (Duh...)

Yup, that's the way those tings work. Societal breakdown is a given, there will be a lot of dead Hungarians.

However, make no mistake about it, THIS is what the zionazi MSZP, LMP et al WANTS and is salivating for, i.e, the destruction of Hungary and of Magyars.

Those who don't know history and do not know human psychology and the power of hunger, cold, sex-drive and desperation, are really babies in the wood, first class, whimpering prey.

Unfortunately, those who seek our demise and sit in the Parliament and vote against any meaningful measure, look like they will get what they so badly want.

My only consolation is, that a large number who voted these scumbag zio traitors with the death of Magyars on their mind, so they can have a second "homeland" in the heart of Europe (how convenient) will die together with some of us.

A number of Magyars will be necessary to keep for servants and servitude. They'll get rid of the illegal migrants - with American help - when it's convenient. (Brutally - rest assured)

Judging by history, every time they acquired absolute power - in any country - they went on a sadistic murder rampage; so far twice in Hungary (1919 and 1947-on).
I guess this will be the third time.

God save us...

Anonymous said...

What should be to save HU , but will not be done - absolutely zero chance.
Unilaterally by Hungary:
1. Suspension of Schengen
2. Suspension od Dublin 3
3. Siuspension of EU membership - if necessary
4. Full army and police presence with authoriized "use of deadly force" to stop the flow.
5. Completing the outer fence, building the second (inner) fence with antipersonnel minefield in between,
6. Fully armed patrols afterward with authorized use of deadly force - indefenetely.

The sad part, nothing short of these measures will stop the projected millions.
Basically it's over for us, only the timing is indeterminate a little bit - but not that much.

Anonymous said...

Ket beirasom letoroltetek. Egyik sem volt uszito de koszonom hogy kimutattatok a fogatok fehrjet. Tudom, hogy miert lettek torolve,
Az angol nevetek: Controlled opposition.
A bookmarksaimbol torolve lettetek, nem vagytok MAGYAROK.
Hanem valami egyebek - ertjuk ugye egymast kazar urak?

HungarianAmbiance said...


Nem lett semmi törölve!

Google beiktatott egy spam filter-t. Időnként elég erratikus. Nem lehet vele mit csinálni. Most megnéztem az utolsó három kommentárt a spam folder-be tette. Mind a három publikálva lett. Csak azok a kommentek vannak törölve amik erőszakra, és gyűlölet keltésre hívnak fel. Ha megint előfordul ilyen nyugodtan írj megint.

Anonymous said...

Arabs aint shit when it comes to warfare thats why they are all running, Hungary will mop the floor with them if they try to start something.

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