The Hungarian government is warning migrants not to enter the country illegally saying it is a crime punishable by imprisonment

Monday, September 21, 2015

In a full-page advertisement in Lebanon's leading An-Nahar daily Monday, the government says "the strongest possible action is taken" against people who attempt to enter Hungary illegally.

Hungary, which closed its border with Serbia on Sept. 15, erected another steel barrier at the Beremend border crossing from Croatia to try to slow the flow of migrants. But they kept coming.

People fleeing violence and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are rushing from one European border to the next as they desperately try to find a way north.

Thousands more continue to brave the Mediterranean in rickety boats as they try to reach more welcoming countries like Germany and Sweden.

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Hungary's prime minister says millions of migrants are "laying siege" to the borders of his country and of Europe, putting the continent in danger.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday in Parliament that "the migrants are not just banging on our door, they are breaking it down." He insisted the razor-wire fences Hungary is building on its borders with Serbia, Croatia and Romania are needed to stop the migrants and defend Hungary and Europe.

Orban, speaking ahead of a vote to send soldiers to the border, complained that "Europe ... sent out invitations to the migrants." He reiterated his view that most were coming for economic, not safety, reasons.

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