The impending catastrophe calls for national unity

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jobbik held its third anti-immigration rally in Budapest on Saturday. All speakers of the event emphasized that our country has arrived at historic cross roads; if we don't act right now mass migration will completely transform our society. We have a national emergency and in situations like this only national unity has a chance to save the country from destruction emphasized the speakers of the rally.

Accepting its historic responsibility the Jobbik party provides constructive support to the cabinet in these extraordinary times to help the government's fight against mass migration said speakers of the protest rally.

Jobbik began a series of demonstrations several weeks ago to warn the general public of the consequences of mass migration, but also to exert pressure on the Orbán government to act without delay and protect the country from the impending catastrophe.

We are in the midst of a war warned Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai adding that he already told government officials in 2013 what would be coming.

Toroczkai called the government's delay to act in times like this a sin and criticized the cabinet's erratic policy on mass migration. He said the fence was built slowly and too late; it wasn't built by professionals, but public workers and inmates, that left their marks on the quality of the structure.

Toroczkai remarked that the huge majority of migrants are young men who apparently, did not escape from war, but they arrive in Europe with a mission.

The Hungarian system can't register most of these assets because they are well organized and have advisers who help them escaping registration.

According to Toroczkai, the ultimate goal of mass migration is the creation of the United States of Europe.

Despite all major differences, we must support the struggle of the Hungarian government, because mass migration is a national issue; we should also exert pressure on the cabinet to act decisively concluded his speech Toroczkai.

Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona emphasized that we can't fool ourselves into believing that the current wave of mass migration will end anytime soon; what we are seeing today is only a prelude to what's to come.

Vona said he read intelligence agency reports that warn the leaders of the country of the upcoming calamities in terms of mass migration that will engulf the entire continent for years to come.

(Note: This has been confirmed by US Gen. Martin Dempsey in a recent interview with ABC - “Today, while we sit here, there’s 60 million refugees in the world, 42,000 families a day according to the U.N., and it just feels like there’s not the level of interest in it that that one incident in Sarajevo generated, you know, just, 20 years ago.”

Dempsey said the implications of a breakdown of family units among those 60 million refugees is an issue that future leaders will deal with for decades.)

Vona then added that the humanitarian catastrophe in fact does not impact immigrants as much as the Hungarian population; it also threatens the administrative function of the state, and the public health of the country.

We treat migrants, who are also victims, with respect, but Hungary is unable to solve their problems said Vona.

The Jobbik president recalled that a few years ago no one would have thought that in 2015 we become a transit country for migrants; and now, we must consider the possibility that we may become a destination spot for migrant.

Because of those future prospects we must state unequivocally, we love and respect every creed and race, but Hungary belongs to Hungarians.

Gábor Vona repeated his earlier statement insisting that the government must suspend the registration of migrants and must hermetically seal borders; if necessary the armed forces must be deployed in the border region.

This is not a one party political issue, but a national one.

I would like to see the Fidesz party to solve this problem, even if the solution could increase the Fidesz party's popularity with voters. Jobbik will provide constructive support to this process because in emergency situation we need national unity.

Regarding foreign policy issues Vona remarked that nothing forces Syrian refugees to come to Europe after all there are several rich Muslim countries located in the region; refugees ought to wait the end of the crisis closer to home; the current wave of mass migration is a political game of the great powers and the United States is responsible for all what has been happening in the world today.

The European Union is a lame duck, which only looks at the events.

The EU's current management must resign because they've created this catastrophic situation in EU Member States concluded his speech Jobbik President Gábor Vona.

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Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

"Anti-inmigration rally"? Which inmigration? The Hungarian inmigration all over the world? Who wants to migrate to Hungary? They only want to LEAVE Hungary, such stupid country.

Aritz Gogeaskoa said...

Dear fascists,

Aritz is tölgy in hungarian and it is a quite normal male name here.

Gogeaskoa means something like "the house which is on the top of the mountain".

Indeed there is not such a shit thing, "7UP", in the Basque Country. It seems that there is a lot in your 2d, 3d World country, as well as McDonalds and Burguers Kings, for sure.

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how Russian Police deals with Immigrants

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