The overwhelming majority of the Hungarian population opposes illegal immigration – new poll by Századvég

Monday, September 14, 2015

Századvég latest poll published on Monday suggests that 82 percent of the public demand stricter immigration rules and think the situation in the country regarding mass migration is getting extremely serious.

According to the survey, the Hungarian population clearly considers mass migration a threat. Two thirds of respondents consider the current situation very grave, and an additional 23 percent consider it extremely worrying; only 10 percent of respondents see no risk in illegal immigration. (This 10% may represent Hungarian-haters, foreign agents, fifth column activists, dupes and TV watchers ed.)

According to the poll, there has been a steadily increase of people since the beginning of the year who think that regulations on illegal immigrants are not strict enough. In January 70 percent of the population would have supported tightening immigration rules; in June this number went up to 74 percent and in September this number increased to 82 percent. Meanwhile those that opposed tightening immigration rules dropped from 23 percent to 16 percent in the same period.

The research shows that 83 percent of the population think it is not acceptable that foreigners illegally crossing the state border.

Around three-quarters of respondents (72 percent) disagree with the EU politicians' claim that EU member countries should accept migrants without any specific upper limit. Only one in four respondents (24 percent) supports this approach.

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