The overwhelming majority of Hungarians reject the liberal suggestion that those oppose illegal immigration are racists

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Result of a national representative survey has found that 84% of the Hungarian adult population rejects the assertion that anyone who opposes the admission of illegal immigrants into the country are racists. Only 13% of respondents agree with this statement.

The majority of the population do not agree with the statement that those who oppose illegal immigrants are racists according to "Kód Piac, Vélemény és Médiakutató Intézet" (Code Market, Opinion and Media Research Institute) survey. 84% of the adult Hungarian population rejects this position, and only 13% agree with it. Among (fake) left-wing party supporters this ratio is 73%, and among nationalist party supporters this ratio is 91%.

The poll also studied what percentage of Hungarians would welcome refugees from Syria and Iraq - 71% would oppose any such idea. Among (fake) left-wing party supporters this ratio is 55%, and among nationalist party supporters 87%.

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