The Röszke - Horgos border crossing is quiet now; migrants are steadily leaving the area and heading for Croatia

Thursday, September 17, 2015

About 600 to 700 migrants remained at the Hungarian - Serbian border zone near Röszke after yesterday's clashes between illegal immigrants and police; this is way less than the 3500 migrants that were waiting yesterday to cross the border into Hungary said Róbert Lackó member of Magyarkanizsa city council to MTI Thursday afternoon.

Thousands of them have already left Magyarkanizsa rest area to the Serbian-Croatian border through Sid and Bezdán with buses. The resting area is now completely deserted said Lackó.

According to local officials, due to the border barrier on the Hungarian border and the measures taken by the Hungarian government to shut down illegal immigration all migrants may leave the border zone no later than Friday. Even if a few of them remain the situation in the border region can return to normal soon.

The Debrecen refugee camp is also quiet. It housed almost two thousand migrants just a few weeks ago; most of them have already left for Germany and other western countries. Today, there are only about three hundred people remained in the camp mostly Africans. MTI Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi

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