The UN Secretary-General expressed his "shock" over the treatment of refugees by Hungarian police

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The treatment of refugees and migrants on the Hungarian - Serbian border was unacceptable said one of the most controlled politicians in the world, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Mun.

Every country has internal problems, but in this case we are dealing with war refugees who are fleeing from persecution, and we have to be compassionate with these people said Ban Ki-moon in a New York press conference on Wednesday.

I admire the politicians of Germany, Sweden and Austria for their openness when dealing with refugees stressed the UN secretary-general.

Responding to accusations, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó remarked that the statement of the UN secretary general on the border clashes (which triggered by aggressive migrants attacking police officers with stones and sticks ed.) is "bizarre and outrageous”; the statement is not based on real facts. The truth is that aggressive migrants (manipulated by liberal agent provocateurs ed.) attacked police officers of whom fourteen were injured. I regret that the UN secretary-general issued a statement, which is not based on the real facts said the Hungarian foreign minister.

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Unknown said...

I fully support the Hungarian government's efforts to defend Hungary's territory, people, and culture. Hungary has an absolute right to defend herself.

An American Friend

mattj458 said...

The Hungarian government it doing what any government that cares about it's people should do. Stay strong.

Another American Friend

Geraldine Mary Batt said...

The invaders must be sent back,now,God bless Hungary.

pilz971 said...

Electrify the fences, arm the guards and implement a zero tolerance policy. These are NOT refugees, they are economic migrants after a slice of the easy benefits life. Go home and rectify your own nations problems before coming to destroy ours!
God bless Hungary, a shining beacon of common sense in a Europe got mad with sentimental idiocy!

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