Thousands of migrants leaving refugee camps all over the country and heading for the west

Saturday, September 5, 2015

After Saturday night's successful rescue migrants operation illegal immigrants from all over the country leaving refugee camps by the thousands and heading for Austria on foot, by train, whatever transportation they can find to reach the Austrian border.

Since dawn today, a steady stream of migrants have been leaving Debrecen, Röszke and other reception centers across the country by train carrying luggage and heading for Austria - presumably via Budapest.

Thanks to the basic principles of democracy laid down by the European Union and other international organizations the Hungarian government is in position to help these migrants reaching their preferred destinations efficiently and start realizing their dreams in their adopted countries as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of the western European governments especially, the German one to help those poor migrants starting a new life in Europe's most prosperous country in accord with the universal declaration of human rights; by denying those rights from war-weary refugees would be a gross violation of the rights of displaced people as they repeatedly expressed their desire to start a new life in Germany.

Several hundred migrants left the Eastern Station on Saturday; they are heading for Germany on foot

Hungarian police website reports that Austria, one of the champions of migrants rights closed off the Hegyeshalom border crossing as a result, an 11-kilometer long traffic jam developed near the border.

About 35-40 buses transporting migrants have also stuck in the traffic jam. Number of migrants got off the buses trying to reach the Austrian border on foot.

A few days ago, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann criticized Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for mishandling the refugee crisis in Hungary.


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Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a brute, but the best way to have handled this crisis would have been to enforce the laws and been as strict as possible. Immigrants should not be given free foods, water, or temporary housing. I know that sounds tough, but our own homeless and the poor struggle to buy cases of water and eat and here are authorities are feeding and assisting these people when they should assist their own.

These are not "refugees" but economic migrants who see a country (Germany) that is weak and ripe for colonization, a country which welcomes them living off the state, which pays them to have children, which provides them with childcare, education, jobs, housing, water, and food.

I hear often in the media that these immigrants spend big money and leave everything behind, sometimes 2,000 or 3,000 Euros to reach Germany. Well, if you look at the bigger picture 2,000 or 3,000 Euros is cheap considering when they reach Germany they won't be paying no taxes, will get better paying jobs, will have free education, food, housing, etc. 2,000 or 3,000 Euros will payoff for any immigrant a 100 times because their getting everything for free when they first arrive. 2,000 or 3,000 Euros is a bargain considering what they'll get when they reach Germany or Sweden. Not only that, but as a immigrant they'll also be treated better than the native population who is told they must embrace these people instead of these people embracing their new countries and it's native people. They'll flaunt their pride and religion while ethnic-Germans have to hide their pride and Christianity for fear of being seen as "nazis". Their kids will grow up to despise and hate German culture because whats left of German culture is eroded day by day and replaced by the immigrant culture, with old churches being turned into mosque.

I dislike this "refugee" label, because they aren't refugees. A refugee is someone who moves to another country to escape war. Well, most these people escaped war and had refuge in Turkey and Greece already, but their not satisfied with those places of refuge because they aren't refugees. Their economic migrants and their sights are not on a safe place to live, but a place that they know they can move to and get what they want. That is why their running across Eastern Europe, most of which is safe but also much poorer than Western Europe. They don't just want refuge, they want what they think they'll get in the West because of what politicians or smugglers promise them.

Hungary enacted a new law and they should enforce it. The borders should be patrolled by the military, which in recent years hasn't done much. At least this gives the military something to do. Smugglers should be arrested and their networks tracked and cut off. The smugglers should be given life sentences for the suffering and death they caused. Immigrants should be arrested and give a choice: A) Turn around at the border; B) Get a plane ticket home; or C) Face 3 years in detention centers with the realization that they'll never be allowed citizenship, but at least have the chance to live safely as refugees in a host country.

Citizenship should be prohibited just as it is in other countries such as the U.A.E, where migrants have no chance of obtaining citizenship

If they choose option C they'll be assigned a living space at a detention center for up to 3 years and forced into do national work program where they'll pay for their stay while in detention, including their food, and eventually save money for a ticket back to their nation of origin.

Anonymous said...

They do not want refugee status. Great! Winter is coming! Let them die. Pork should be the only meat available, and sewer water to drink.

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