Troop deployment in the border region has started

Friday, September 11, 2015

The defense ministry released a statement informing the public that army troops have started a special drill called "Decisive Action 2015", which is part of the preparations to deploy troops in the border region said the chief of staff to M1 evening news on Wednesday.

In the next couple of days, more military equipment will be noticeable on the country's roads and highways. Various military activities will be conducted in Hódmezővásárhely and Baja regions and in the villages near the two cities say the statement.

As a result of recent amendment of several laws by the parliament, the army may assume certain functions in patrolling and protecting state borders say the statement.

"It is the job of the army to ensure the protection of the country's borders" said the chief of staff to M1 evening news.

Already 3800 troops have been deployed near the southern border region told Defense Minister István Simicskó to TV2 today.

For the time being the troops' primary mission will be to help building the border fence; the defense minister confirmed press reports that ten kilometers long fence is being constructed a day. Later on, troops will help police patrolling state borders, because fence alone is not enough to stem the inflow of migrants.

The protection of state borders is the primary goal of the government said Fidesz faction leader Antal Rogán to journalists on Friday after meeting the European People's Party faction leader Manfred Weber in Budapest. Rogán rejected the idea to set up hot spots in Hungary (The EU wants to transform Hungary into a gigantic dumpster for migrants) - the hot spots must be set up outside the territory of the European Union.

Rogán reiterated that the Hungarian leadership could not support the quota system in the present form, neither the suggestion to build camps on the territory of Hungary that would accommodate hundreds of thousands of migrants.

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