105-year-old Afghan immigrant arrived in Europe in hope of "better future" - she was accompanied by 15 relatives

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One hundred and five-year-old Afghan immigrant arrived in eastern Croatian town of Opatovac reported Croatian Police Spokesperson Domagoj Dzigumovic on Tuesday.

The old woman crossed the Croatian - Serbian border near Bapska from where she was transported to a reception center near Opatovac where she stood in a lineup waiting to be registered and let her in the camp.

When her age was discovered by Red Cross operating staff she was immediately taken to a heated tent, where a doctor examined her.

The old woman and her her family members intend to settle down in Sweden in hope of a happier future write Croatian newspapers.

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Géza said...

Did they have a valid official birthcertificate? Guess not, especially not from that country. Having said that, this is another sentimental propaganda story to force the ethnic groups of Europe to accept their own destruction and replacement.

Send this woman home with her 15 relatives asap! Enough safe places in Afganistan. Even politically correct Germany admits this fact!

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