Alternative für Deutschland -AfD - Germany's largest Eurosceptic party filed a criminal complaint against Angela Merkel for human trafficking

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Vice-President of the Alternative für Deutschland Party Gauland Alexander said at Berlin rally that Chancellor Angela Merkel "has acted as a human smuggler", when had admitted thousands of asylum seekers from Hungary without registeration.

According to the latest data, AfD's popularity rises and nationwide party support has already reached 7 percent; in the eastern part of the country, in the former East Germany its support has reached 12 percent and growing.

The party organizes weekly protests in Erfurt in the eastern state of Thuringia that more and more people attend every week. Last Wednesday, more than eight thousand people took part in the rally.

The Eurosceptic party that was founded in 2013 received 4.7 percent of the vote in Bundestag elections held in the autumn of 2013 just a hair less than the 5 percent threshold necessary to win a seat in parliament.

Alexander Gauland said due to his activities in protecting the EU external border Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should be nominated for the Charlemagne Prize.

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Elites Use Immigrants to Forge a New European Empire

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